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Deb Kuzyk & Ray Mackie: Red-Winged Blackbirds
Posted: Jul 30, 2015

Studio 21

Red Winged Blackbirds exhibition opens Saturday July 25 until September 9, at gallery Studio 21, 1273 Hollis Street.


East Coast Shores: Toni Losey
Posted: Jul 30, 2015

Join Argyle Fine Art with two shows on one night- this Thursday, July 30th. The highly anticipated show by established artist Gordon MacDonald will be on display along with the complementary and serene ceramic works by Toni Losey

Gordon speaks about his work in his own words:

I have learned not to over manage what I produce but rather trust the fact that if I have a desire to paint something , I may only understand why in hindsight. I've had work around for a year or more before I've actually understood why I did it in the first place. This may scare some people but I find it fascinating.

Toni Losey's works are inspired by the Nova Scotia coastline. Toni has drawn from many great family experiences of walking the shorelines, in all kinds of weather, while her children fill buckets, pockets and sleeves with as many beautiful rocks as they can carry.
Through the use of hollow porcelain forms and glazes she specifically developed for this show, Toni has created a stylistic representation of those experiences. The multi coloured ceramic pieces mingle with items directly from the beach to provide the experience of the shore, even though it may be miles away.

ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND.  Please share this event with friends and family. We look forward to seeing you here!

Argyle Fine Art
1559 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1Z7