Sheri White

Urn Song Pottery

12 William’s Lake Road
Halifax, NS

I first played with clay in 1993, while completing an undergrad in English Literature. By 1997, I was living in Chester, NS and began a daily pilgrimage to the studio and gallery of local potter, Paula MacDonald at Amicus Gallery, who finally realized that I wasn't going to leave. Thus began a formal two-year apprenticeship with Paula, who continues to inspire me with her tremendous insight, knowledge, and love of the craft.

The idea of the Urn's Song came to me one day when I opened a bag of porcelain clay that was acting as a petri dish for a lovely green mold. It smelled like cucumber. It was alive. With Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn in mind, I began to consider our organic nature, the organic nature of clay and the immortality of a fired piece. It was there I began to contemplate the idea of the urn's song.  Using thrown or slab built forms in stoneware or porcelain, I take my inspiration for design from the natural world.

I am open to commission requests and welcome new projects.

Phone: 902 402-7691
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


I am happy to offer Open Studio time Upstairs at Urn Song Pottery. Potters may book 3 hours of open studio time for $25 or purchase 10 studio sessions for $200.00. I provide wheels, a slab roller, glazes, and firings. I use Mid Smooth Stone clay (Cone 6). Open studio potters buy their own clay (available for purchase) and use their own tools. Please see open studio times on my website.



Sheri working at her wheel in her studio


Turquoise pitcher, stoneware

Carved branch pattern, black and white, stoneware